Marketing BS

Will Goring, 13 Mar 2012

It’s true, today I’m disappointed in Apple. Not because of the iPad thing. I’m pretty impressed with what the company announced today. My disappointment is a matter of something deeper – a sign that Apple gave in to a carrier, rather than standing up for the customers. Anyone with iOS 5.1 and an AT&T iPhone 4S will now see a 4G symbol in certain areas. The only problem? It’s not really 4G, it’s marketing BS from AT&T.

– Brad McCarty, The Next Web

I find it really hard to get angry about this because all 4G is marketing BS right now. The initial spec for 4G called for peak throughput of 1Gbps; something that none of the current candidates come close to. The spec was relaxed to include technologies like LTE and WiMax because manufacturers had been using the term to describe them anyway. AT&T is just playing the same game.

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