How Important Would Office for iPad Be?

Will Goring, 23 Feb 2012

John Gruber on the possibility that MS and Apple might be planning to announce Office for iPad at the iPad 3 launch event:

But what would be in it for Apple to offer such a spot to Microsoft? … Why give credence and attention to Microsoft in a market where so far Microsoft has had no success?

– John Gruber, Daring Fireball

Because the one thing that ridiculous ‘googlighting’ video got right is that businesses see Office as essential to their operations. And because there are a metric-assload of companies – of all sizes – out there who have existing volume licensing deals with Microsoft and who’re currently deploying iPads because there’s no credible alternative, but who, if approached by an MS salesforce (with whom they have an existing relationship) and offered an alternative with better exchange integration and the ability to run Word, Excel and Powerpoint, would drop the iPad within a week.

Put another way; it depends on what you see as the market. Apple have the tablet market sewn-up for now; that much is obvious. The corporate market, on the other hand, is still largely ruled by MS Office.

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