John Gruber on Marco Arment on iPhone 4S Speed

Will Goring, 26 Oct 2011

I didn’t notice the speed increase.

– Marco Arment, Official in-depth review of the iPhone 4S

It’s easier to notice by going back to the no-S iPhone 4 for a few hours.

– John Gruber, Daring Fireball

While I don’t doubt for a minute that going back to the slightly slower device for a while is much more noticeable than going to the slightly faster one, I’m pretty sure the increase would pass me by as well. Why? In my just-over-a-year of owning one, I’ve never once thought my iPhone 4 was slow. Since I got it phone performance is something which I basically never have to think about. That’s why those new-fangled multi-core 1GHz+ Android handsets have never appealed to me, and it’s why the speed bump is the least appealing feature of the 4S to me.

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