RIP Steve Jobs

Will Goring, 06 Oct 2011

Wow. When I set up a blog to capture my more technical thoughts, I never imagined that the first post would be about the passing of Steve Jobs.

If I’m honest, I find it hard to know what to think, and I don’t really have a lot to say; it’s not like I knew the man. And while he had an enormous, if indirect, impact on my life, who can’t say the same? What possible insight could I have, or what thoughts could I share that aren’t currently being repeated across the internet by anyone, no; by everyone who loves technology?

None; I’m just another consumer who loves the products he steered his company to create.

So I won’t quote or link to his Stanford address; you’ve already seen it.

I won’t share anecdotes about my life using Apple products; Google can show you more moving ones if you care about that.

I’ll just say that he was a great man; a visionary, and that our entire industry is worse-off for losing him.

RIP Steve, the world’s going to miss you.

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